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The following is a list of equipment for someone looking to set up their first home gym.

Vulcan H-Basic Squat Stand $ 325*
Vulcan One Basic Bar $ 239*
York ST Adjustable Bench $ 395*
OneFitWonder Black Bumper Plate Set (250#) $ 415*†
*Includes free shipping to some or all of the US.
†Additional 10% discount if picked up from their Austin location.

Here are a few non-obvious notes.

  • Vulcan H-Basic Squat Stand – This squat stand is as basic as it gets. At 73″ x 40″ x 43″, this stand should fit into almost any location. The major drawback of this stand is the lack of a pull-up bar. If you have enough headroom for a pull-up bar, but want to remain budget conscious, The OneFitWonder Squat Stand from FringeSport is inexpensive and includes free shipping options.

Five Sisters is a collection of memoirs written by five women involved in the Russian revolutionary movements of the 1870s:

  • Vera Figner
  • Vera Zasulich
  • Olga Liubatovich
  • Praskovia Ivanovskaia
  • Elizaveta Kovalskaia

For those uneducated in the struggle of revolutionaries during this period, the book gives an insider’s look into how these movements came about and operated. In addition to seeing the politics internal to the various movements, the memoirs include detailed accounts of what Kovalskaia calls “conspiratorial practices.”

It’s a generally good read, and I actually enjoyed learning more about the various revolutionary groups trying to assassinate the tsar. Although I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Russian history, it is not one that I would keep on my bookshelf.

OK, this is a weird thing: Apparently the Greeks had an idea of what a person’s “ideal” body measurements should be. This Greek Proportions Calculator uses the circumference of your wrist to determine what your ideal measurements should be.

Base on my 7″ wrist, these are my ideal measurements:

  • Chest Size: 45.5″
  • Forearm Size: 13.2″
  • Waist Size: 31.9″
  • Thigh Size: 24.1″
  • Hip Size: 38.7″
  • Calf Size: 15.5″
  • Biceps Size: 16.4″
  • Neck Size: 16.8″

Rockwell Automation

Perspective Goals Measures
Financial Perspective 1. Short term results

2. Reduce uncertainty caused by performance variations

1. Return on capital employed cash flow

2. Forecast reliability

Customer Perspective 1. Holding onto budget shoppers while keeping high rollers happy 1. Price index to ensure prices are competitive
Future Perspective 1. Keep employees motivated

2. Remain innovative

1. Administer a staff attitude survey

2. % revenue from new services

Internal Business Perspective (meeting customer need after recognized) 1. Identification of customers

2. Closeout

1. # of hours spent with prospects

2. How long did it take to complete the cycle?

Apple Scorecard

  • Financial Perspective = shareholder value
  • Customer perspective = market share and customer satisfaction
    • development of internal surveys to supplement external survey companies
  • Internal business perspective = core competencies
    • hiring on traits compatible with core
  • Future perspective = employee attitudes
    • systemwide survey 2 years, randomly more often

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