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What’s in a name?

Last week, I changed the name of one of my WordPress plugins. The plugin adds a new column to the Pages and Posts panels of the WordPress administration pages. The new column displays the Google PageRanktm for the page or post in question. Additionally, the plugin adds a global Google PageRank indicator to the top […]

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Microblogging: Quantity or Quality?

Microblogging is the term used to describe the short updates you see on Twitter or your Facebook home page. Everybody and their dog is involved in the microblogging scene now, and it seems like some have the idea that there is some sort of race to post as much as possible. I’m glad that so […]

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A Small Change Here

You may have noticed that I’ve made a small change around here. In a nutshell, I’ve added some ads to my management-oriented posts. For the most part, I don’t think it will disrupt those that follow this blog because of a personal relationship. In fact, I highly doubt those that really know me pay much […]

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For those that aren’t aware, Google AdSense’s Allowed Sites feature allows you to control which sites are allowed to display ads with your publisher ID. It doesn’t actually stop the display of ads, but it guarantees that ads on unapproved sites won’t affect you or your advertisers. That means the impressions and clicks don’t count. […]

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My Essential Twitter Tools

Over a year ago, I started using Twitter. In that time, I’ve developed a list of tools that make the experience easier and more enjoyable. TweetDeck – I tried several desktop Twitter apps before finally settling on TweetDeck. Some folks seem put out that TweetDeck runs via Adobe AIR, but that seems to make cross-platform […]

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