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Five Sisters – Engel & Rosenthal

Five Sisters is a collection of memoirs written by five women involved in the revolutionary movements of Russia in the 1870s.

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The Natural – Bernard Malamud

“He struck out with a roar.” If your favorite movie of all time is The Natural, this may not be the book for you. The movie is only loosely based on the book, which is to say it’s pretty much completely different. You have been warned. This is the second time I’ve read The Natural. […]

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You may think it slipshod and discursive. It will appear to drag in all sorts of subjects just to make up the requisite length. I am not quite sure why I am such a fan of Ford Mad Ford. Having written at the turn of the 20th Century, it’s not as if his subject matter […]

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Waverley – Sir Walter Scott

This book was not what I expected to say the least. A few interesting points about Waverley: This book was part of Autumn‘s English curriculum at UT, needless to say, the book is in pristine condition. Waverley is considered the first “historical fiction.” After it was published, the genre became extremely popular. Written in 1805, […]

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Brain Rules – John Medina

Brain Rules came to me highly recommended. When I finally picked it up, I had completely forgotten what it was about. As I read through it, I became more and more excited about how I could incorporate what I was reading into my life. It was so compelling, I ended up finishing it in about a day and a half.

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