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Biggio hits 3000! (And I was there!)

Last night was a truly momentous occasion for any Astros fan, and I was lucky enough to be there! When Biggio stroked that single to center, the roof absolutely blew off of Minute Maid. Anyway, I’m hoping to find some decent video of the event today. When I do, I’ll post it here.

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No One Said They Were Stupid!

Currently (8:18 PM CDT) most of the World of Warcraft servers are down. Apparently some rolling restart (obviously necessitated by today’s patch) has gone awry. I decided I would pop into the WoW forums to see what was going on and this is what greeted me (click the thumbnail for a better view): Can’t you […]

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WoW Patch Day: 2.1.0

Blizzard is patching World of Warcraft to 2.1.0 today. This update includes new dungeons, zones, and factions. As usual, I’ll be serving up the patch torrents via my T1. Mac – WoW-2.0.12-to-2.1.0-enUS-OSX-patch PC – WoW-2.0.12-to-2.1.0-enUS-Win-patch I’ve included the patch notes below. They are pretty long, but you’re worth it.

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After weeks and weeks of endless playing, this house has finally beaten New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. Jake actually beat the last castle in World 8, but plenty of work was put in by all (especially a certain lady). Anyway, I thought it imperative that the whole fricking world know about this.

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Embedded 5 Minute Mario

I’ve already talked about this crazy video, but I wanted to try the Google Video embedded HTML.

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