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Cohesion Once Again

It’s been a while since I’ve worn Saucony Cohesion running shoes. As I write this, I’m breaking in my new pair of Saucony Men’s Cohesion 8s. These aren’t the fanciest shoes out there, but they are both lightweight and sturdy. Since I keep the cardio to a bare minimum it’s more important for my shoes […]

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JoJo Scores a Top Locker

JoJo’s first locker.

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These things do not go together…

But they are highly recommended. My youngest son and I have been reading The Complete Adventures of Curious George on my 6″ Kindle. The book is designed for the larger Kindle DX, but we’ve both been pretty happy with how the images and text lay out. If you’ve been thinking about getting a picture book […]

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My Gal, Bev

A couple of weeks ago, Autumn and I became the proud owners of a new refrigerator. IN THE GARAGE. Putting a refrigerator in the garage is a very grown-up thing to do. I named her “Bev the Beer Fridge.” That is not a very grown-up thing to do. You can also call her “The Beverator” […]

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The Problem with Snow in Texas

When you think of snow and Texas, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a bunch of cowpokes scrambling around on frozen rodes trying to get home from work at 2 in the afternoon. That’s problematic, but it isn’t THE problem. The problem is: Snow is wet. Many Texans (myself among them) just […]

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