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Case Report for South Delaware Coors

Larry Brownlow faces the following problem regarding the use of his trust fund money in the potential investment in the SD Coors distributorship. Does the South Delaware Coors distributorship offer sufficient investment potential given Mr. Brownlow’s current business and personal situation?

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Case Report for Zoëcon Corporation

Zoëcon Corporation faces the following problem regarding the future of their Strike ROACH ENDER consumer product: Should Zoëcon commercialize the Strike ROACH ENDER brand by expanding distribution to the nineteen-city market area in the Southeast United States?

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Technology for Marketing

Technology has provided important tools for every market manager. Resources like the Internet, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and databases give marketing managers unprecedented access to collected information. The best part about this information is that it is either freely available or collected from the companies own operations. These tools come together to form the […]

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Dell and Apple are competitors in the computer industry. These competitors serve a similar general market, but have positioned themselves quite differently within that market space. The differences of these two companies offer an excellent study of the different uses of marketing mix. For over twenty years, Dell’s marketing mix has been to provide products […]

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The 4 P’s

This post involves a fictional company called It’s Popcorn Time! (IPT). IPT manufactures snacks and treats for the local Philadelphia area. Once the market research has been done, it is time to move on to “The 4 P’s” of marketing ¬– product, price, promotion, and place. For the purposes of this document, it is assumed […]

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