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AleTale Update

I just rolled out a new release of AleTale, the social network for beer lovers. This new release included the following: Several bug fixes. Some weren’t really noticeable; others resulted in internal server errors. A few SEO related changes were made including changes to title tags, and new META tags. Cleaned up several listings, especially […]

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What’s in a name?

Last week, I changed the name of one of my WordPress plugins. The plugin adds a new column to the Pages and Posts panels of the WordPress administration pages. The new column displays the Google PageRanktm for the page or post in question. Additionally, the plugin adds a global Google PageRank indicator to the top […]

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Designing for E-Commerce

This post addresses the different web site needs of different companies. The companies are fictitious, but the advice is not. When it comes to designing websites for e-commerce clients, the client’s products and potential audience must direct the design. These aspects of the business will help the designer decide which elements to emphasize and which […]

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Fixed My Samsung Katalyst Battery

Thanks to a recent cell phone contract renewal, my current phone is a Samsung Katalyst (I also now have a Plantronics Explorer 222 Bluetooth headset from Woot.). This phone is neat, but I was really disappointed with the battery life. In a nutshell, I was having to charge my phone daily. Since my old phone […]

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Company X’s Technology Plan

Company X is a fictional manufacturer of gourmet snacks and treats. When discussing software architecture, software engineers often use a pattern called Model-View-Controller, or MVC. The MVC concept was originally developed by Trygve Reenskaug in an attempt to bridge the gap between the user’s mental conception of the process and the computer’s digital rendering. Reenskaug […]

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