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Security on the Cheap

General computer security is a major issue. A 2004 study conducted by USA TODAY and Avantgarde found that a personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP could be compromised within minutes of being placed on an unprotected Internet connection. The computer in question had been installed with default settings and had not been “hardened” against any […]

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E-Commerce: Privacy and Security

Company X is a fictional manufacturer of gourmet snacks and treats. Studies have shown that a large number of Internet users are concerned about privacy and security. According to one study, 87 percent of Americans fear their credit card information will be stolen or misused. Additionally, 89 percent fear that their health records may be […]

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Online Models: Storefront and Auction

In the 21st Century, most companies have realized that the Internet offers a valuable marketing opportunity. Additionally, the ability to sell products and services online has led to various online business models. Two of the most popular models are the Storefront and Auction models. Although each model is designed to sell goods and services, their […]

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Google Spreadsheets Menu Update

Hey there, one of my favorite online tools has just been updated. Yesterday, Google announced an updated version of Google Spreadsheets that mainly focuses on change the menu toolbars. You can read the announcement in the Google Docs Google Group (say that 10 times fast) and tour the interface changes, too. Check it out and […]

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Web Servers and HTML

Internet web servers and HTML are closely related. Although web servers are not responsible for producing or rendering HTML, they do have the task of sending the HTML from the web site’s location to the client browser. Web servers must fulfill requests from web browsers quickly, as requests from clients are often made simultaneously. Without […]

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