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Being Rejected

Big, positive changes are headed our way for 2016. However, before those big, positive changes were decided, I had to go through a bit of rejection. This wasn’t the normal sort of rejection a person testing the job market might normally deal with. Usually, you find out pretty early in the process that a company […]

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AleTale Update

I just rolled out a new release of AleTale, the social network for beer lovers. This new release included the following: Several bug fixes. Some weren’t really noticeable; others resulted in internal server errors. A few SEO related changes were made including changes to title tags, and new META tags. Cleaned up several listings, especially […]

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Thoughts on Slaptijack (slaptijack.com)

I started Slaptijack in April of 2007 as a brain-dump of the technology information I’ve acquired over the last 10+ years. At the time, I’d only just learned that folks were out there making 6 figures or more on their blogs. I didn’t really think that was going to happen to me, but it sure […]

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Insomnia Drives My LinkedIn

I’ve had just about the worst time trying to get to sleep tonight. I decided to give my LinkedIn profile some work. The main change was to add some job descriptions for my previous employments. I also sent out a few invites. Prior to that, my most recent change was to consolidate some of my […]

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Thoughts on Working in Small Groups

I personally have a fear of public speaking. Obviously, this is not a fear that is unique to me. In 2006, Forbes Magazine reported that the fear of public speaking was one of the nine most common phobias (Van Duren, 2006). Hildy Gottlieb, who has delivered keynote speeches to groups measuring in the hundreds, describes […]

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