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Technical Writing Skills

There are three skills that are vital to any kind of technical writing: research, organization, and revision. Research is the ability to find information relevant to the topic. Research can take many forms ranging from print materials at a library to electronic sources found via Internet searches. An often overlooked area of research is self-conducted […]

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Example Letter

This is an example letter from a new technical editor to a group of technical writers. July 15, 2008 Engineering Team Technical Writing Journal 123 Fake Street Boston, Massachusetts 01234 Dear Engineering Team: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and pass on some of my philosophy regarding technical writing. As you […]

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Consider the Audience

One of the most important considerations a writer must keep in mind when preparing to write is the intended audience. For example, the differences between a technical manual written for engineers and a business report for executives are substantial. The writing must take into account the style expected by the audience, the format required by […]

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Composing Professional Email

The first thing any communicator must do when composing a message is decide which medium will work best (Evans & Wright, 2008). When faced with the task of communicating to a large group of people, especially those distributed across some distance, email is an effective form of communication. To be effective, it is critical that […]

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As technology has advanced the pace of modern society, the modern employee has less time available for any given work task. Susan Meisinger (2004) wrote “it is almost impossible to be productive in today’s business environment without being an effective communicator” (para. 6). A business writer must present messages that are efficiently organized to convey […]

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