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What is JIT?

These are the speaker’s notes for a presentation on Just-In-Time manufacturing. I have saved the slides as a Picasa Web Album: What is JIT?

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Proposed Warehouse Expansion

These are the speaker notes for a presentation on a warehouse expansion proposal.

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Predicting Mixed Costs

DATE: December 15, 2008 TO: Accounting Manager FROM: Scott Hebert SUBJECT: Predicting Mixed Costs While studying fixed costs, it has become apparent that some costs do not fit neatly into one of the two standard cost categories: fixed or variable. For example, the company’s telephone bill has a standard monthly charge, and then an additional […]

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Beating the Competition’s Quote

It has come to the attention of Company X that a competitor has submitted a bid for an upcoming project that is lower than Company X’s initial bid. Fortunately, Company X has not yet submitted their bid and have an opportunity to act on this new information. The original plan was to submit a bid […]

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Fixed or Variable Costs?

Almost every business cost can be assigned to one of two categories: fixed or variable. Fixed costs are those that remain constant and are not affected by sales or production levels. Variable costs, on the other hand, remain constant per unit. These total variable costs increase as sales and production levels increase. As you can […]

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