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The Natural – Bernard Malamud

“He struck out with a roar.” If your favorite movie of all time is The Natural, this may not be the book for you. The movie is only loosely based on the book, which is to say it’s pretty much completely different. You have been warned. This is the second time I’ve read The Natural. […]

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Jeff’s Throwing Drills

I found this random note in my email regarding the exercises that Jeff needs to do during the offseason. I believe these are related to strength and conditioning for pitching. * Feet apart, facing net * Rocker * Stretch * Crossover * Hops * Run and gun

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Baseball Fever forum member Rajun Cajun put this little gem in the Baseball 101 forums last night. What follows is essentially a break down of what a youth league batter can expect to see with a particular count in an at-bat. 0/0 Fast ball 75% of the time- Trying to get ahead, establish dominance 1/0 […]

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I know the feeling!

I love baseball, too!

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Why is Ryan Braun batting 4th?

Why is Ryan Braun batting 4th? Shouldn’t he be batting 3rd with Fielder and McGhee batting behind him?

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