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These things do not go together…

But they are highly recommended. My youngest son and I have been reading The Complete Adventures of Curious George on my 6″ Kindle. The book is designed for the larger Kindle DX, but we’ve both been pretty happy with how the images and text lay out. If you’ve been thinking about getting a picture book […]

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California Readin’

We just got back from a long weekend in the San Francisco area. While we were out, there I finished two books: Treasure Island, which you’ve heard of, and Dead Sleep, which you may not have. Check them out; I really enjoyed both of them.

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My Business Bookshelf

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that my shelf of necessary computer books and manuals was slowly giving way to a collection of business books. I thought it might be interesting to share the titles with you.

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My Fascination With Books

What’s the deal with books? Even if I’ll never read them, some books just have a peculiar hold on me. As part of her garage cleaning project, my wife just had me go through a huge pile of books and pick out the ones I can’t live without. These books have been packed away in […]

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