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Now that we’ve narrowed down the list of 100 business ideas to our favorite 3, we need to select the top idea and develop it further. Managed Hosting Provider This business will manage the external server presence for other businesses. This can range from a website running on a single web server to a large […]

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Narrowing Down the Business Ideas

From the previous list of 100 business ideas, we need to narrow down to 3 that we like and provide a little more detail on each. Managed Hosting This business combines physical and virtual server hosting with system administration consulting. The managed hosting provider acts as the server administrator team for other companies, allowing them […]

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100 Business Ideas

The exercise below was to first name 10 business ideas I might be interested in. Next, take those 10 ideas and turn them into 100! You would think it would be easy to come up with business ideas, but I found that I really had to dig deep to get the list below. The original […]

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