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Cutting Made Easy

Over the weekend, there was a great thread on /r/bodybuilding asking for tips for making cutting (reducing calories to burn fat) easier. I’ve compiled the best tips from the comments. Skip breakfast to save more calories for later in the day or to consume less calories. Drink lots of water / calorie-free drinks to help […]

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My Greek Proportions

OK, this is a weird thing: Apparently the Greeks had an idea of what a person’s “ideal” body measurements should be. This Greek Proportions Calculator uses the circumference of your wrist to determine what your ideal measurements should be. Base on my 7″ wrist, these are my ideal measurements: Chest Size: 45.5″ Forearm Size: 13.2″ […]

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ISO Sensation 93 Flavor Ranking

I use a daily protein shake to supplement my protein intake. My preferred protein is Ultimate Nutrition’s ISO Sensation® 93. ISO Sensation® 93 comes in 5 flavors and a natural version that isn’t flavored. In the list below, I’ve ranked the flavors I’ve tried.

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Cohesion Once Again

It’s been a while since I’ve worn Saucony Cohesion running shoes. As I write this, I’m breaking in my new pair of Saucony Men’s Cohesion 8s. These aren’t the fanciest shoes out there, but they are both lightweight and sturdy. Since I keep the cardio to a bare minimum it’s more important for my shoes […]

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Jeff’s Throwing Drills

I found this random note in my email regarding the exercises that Jeff needs to do during the offseason. I believe these are related to strength and conditioning for pitching. * Feet apart, facing net * Rocker * Stretch * Crossover * Hops * Run and gun

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