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Microblogging: Quantity or Quality?

Microblogging is the term used to describe the short updates you see on Twitter or your Facebook home page. Everybody and their dog is involved in the microblogging scene now, and it seems like some have the idea that there is some sort of race to post as much as possible. I’m glad that so […]

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Yoono Beta Begins

That sure didn’t take long. I signed up for the private Yoono beta a couple of days ago and got my invitation this morning.

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No Posts This Week?

This is just awful! An entire week with no post? What the hizzie? To be honest, I’ve been putting a fair amount of free time into my first Facebook app (you might remember this is one of my 2008 resolutions). The learning curve on this isn’t all that steep, but I’ve made the decision to […]

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