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DQ Survival Guide

Although originally started in Illinois, there are more Dairy Queen‘s in Texas than in any other state. In fact, DQ has a special menu for Texas stores featuring items like the Hunger-buster and the Belt-buster. When stepping into a DQ, there are only two things you need to be aware of: The Dude DQ has […]

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Various Food Related Thoughts / Updates

A bunch of food related stuff cropped up recently: This is chili weather. My wife taught me that it’s good with sour cream. They could stick those heat tiles to the bottom of the Space Shuttle with wet Fruity Pebbles. As I rediscover every year, Southern Comfort brand eggnog is the best. It comes in […]

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The older I get, the more I like pickles. Weird.

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I love grits.

I had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of weeks ago, and the next day we drove down to see our families. My mom was nice enough to make me a steaming bowl of grits. And that’s when I remembered: Man, I love grits.

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