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What’s in a name?

Last week, I changed the name of one of my WordPress plugins. The plugin adds a new column to the Pages and Posts panels of the WordPress administration pages. The new column displays the Google PageRanktm for the page or post in question. Additionally, the plugin adds a global Google PageRank indicator to the top […]

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For those that aren’t aware, Google AdSense’s Allowed Sites feature allows you to control which sites are allowed to display ads with your publisher ID. It doesn’t actually stop the display of ads, but it guarantees that ads on unapproved sites won’t affect you or your advertisers. That means the impressions and clicks don’t count. […]

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google-appls.com == BAD

For those not on twitter, Matt Cutts of Google just sent out a warning about a phishing site using the google-appls.com domain. If you see that domain in a link, don’t use it.

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Google Spreadsheets Menu Update

Hey there, one of my favorite online tools has just been updated. Yesterday, Google announced an updated version of Google Spreadsheets that mainly focuses on change the menu toolbars. You can read the announcement in the Google Docs Google Group (say that 10 times fast) and tour the interface changes, too. Check it out and […]

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Google Searches and Plagiarism

Why someone thought the topic of searching on Google and plagiarism are relevant is beyond me. Nevertheless, enjoy. The first entry listed in Google when searching for “double-entry accounting” is a Wikipedia page. Listed above the Wikipedia entry is a sponsored link. Sponsored links are advertising. A company, in this case Intuit, has paid Google […]

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