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[QFD] Hiring and Managing Employees

Culture Shock is a very real dilemma and can impact expatriates in any country. Cultural training should be the number one priority for any employee planning to live overseas. Even cultures that share similarities can be shockingly different when the unwary are fully emerged. Cultural training should focus not only on making the expatriate aware of cultural differences, but also train them how to navigate the differences. Additionally, language training is very important for anyone working in a company where the language is different. Even if the company uses English (in the case of a US company) as a primary language, if the rest of the country uses something different, the future expatriate must be ready.

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The following are the slide notes from a presentation I did regarding alternative work schedules. What is this? When we talk about alternative work schedules, what are we really referring to? There are four main categories of alternative work schedules — flexitime schedules, compressed work weeks, part-time work, and job sharing. The first two options […]

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Profits and Workforce Reduction

A property management company operating 30 residential properties in 10 states has been suffering thanks to the recent slump in the housing market. In an effort to improve profits, the company quickly put together a reorganization plan that resulted in a 20% reduction in work force. Unfortunately, not all of the eliminated employees were in […]

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Changing Corporate Culture

TO: Anonymous FROM: Scott Hebert SUBJECT: Changing Corporate Culture In our recent conversation, you described several problems that you have recognized in your organization. In order to create a plan for change, it is necessary to first properly identify the problems. The problems you have described can be divided into two main categories: production and […]

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Conducting an Employee Survey

Purpose A common way for organizations to measure the morale of employees is through an attitude survey. Attitude surveys are designed to collect data that management can use for organization diagnosis and planning. Surveys are especially useful in illustrating what problems an organization has. If upper management is not convinced by the original diagnosis produced […]

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