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900 Numbers: Disputes and Implications

This post deals with a fictitious telecommunications company (Appalachian Bell) and its policy of acting as a billing service for 900 numbers. 900 number services is an industry well-regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The regulations imposed by the FTC have implications for both public and private law. A company providing these services has […]

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Flag of Convenience

Here’s another post about that mythical multi-national corporation: BSSL. Today BSSL is dealing with a situation in which a crewmember of one of their cruise ships broke into a couple’s cabin, and the husband died during the struggle. Blue Star Steamship Lines (BSSL) operates several cruise ships under the flags of the Bahamas and Liberia. […]

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Venezuelan Oil Opportunities

The country of Venezuela has a long history with the petroleum industry. For centuries, both indigenous tribes and Spanish colonists had found the crude bubbling up to the surface to be beneficial in medicines and candles. In 1914, the first oil company to arrive in Venezuela discovered success at their first well with no need […]

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