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Upgrading to Leopard

I finally plucked up the courage to upgrade my iMac to Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). Keep your fingers crossed folks!

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Running Civilization IV in Parallels

With a little work, I finally got the PC version of Civilization IV (Civ4) running on my iMac in Parallels. The game uses DirectX 9 and this was the source of most of my problems. Clearing up the graphic glitches was a two step process: First, I had to enable DirectX Shaders in the Parallels […]

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iMac on the Way!

Quick note: I’ve got a 20″ iMac on the way. It’s got the 256 MB video option and 2 GB of RAM. It left Shanghai earlier today and has already arrived in Anchorage. I’ll post more when it arrives. In the meantime, the video below should help illustrate why I’m switching fully to Mac OS […]

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