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Web Servers and HTML

Internet web servers and HTML are closely related. Although web servers are not responsible for producing or rendering HTML, they do have the task of sending the HTML from the web site’s location to the client browser. Web servers must fulfill requests from web browsers quickly, as requests from clients are often made simultaneously. Without […]

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Different Versions of Microsoft Office

There are five different versions of Microsoft Office 2007: Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, Professional, and Ultimate. Each version includes a difference combination of Microsoft Office products (Microsoft Corporation, 2008a). Care and diligence must be taken to observe all the appropriate licensing agreements associated with the version of Microsoft Office you’ve purchased. It’s interesting […]

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Advanced Microsoft Word Capabilities

Although all word processing applications have similar capabilities in terms of editing and formatting, Microsoft Word has several advanced capabilities. These capabilities provide special tools to assist the writer. These tools are the thesaurus, research, spell check, and grammar check. Together, they help the writer perform a significant part of the revision process. The Microsoft […]

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Deceptive Advertising and Manipulation

Boatright (2007) defines advertising as “a paid non-personal communication about an organization and it’s products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium” (p. 272). Unfortunately, this definition is a bit too broad and includes other forms of promotion such as advocacy advertising. This kind of advertising, promoting a cause or idea, […]

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