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OM Tools in Action

Introducing Dell Inc. Dell Inc. is one of the top personal computer manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas, Dell is currently the number one supplier of personal computers in the United States and number two in the world. Over the course of the last 25 years, Dell has grown from a small […]

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Data Analysis Tools

There is an idea that selecting the right analysis tool can compensate for a lack of managerial experience. The theory is that data analysis tools can answer questions that new managers cannot. Generally speaking, data analysis tools do provide a wealth of information regarding any facet of business operations. Unfortunately, data analysis tools cannot do […]

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Operations Action Plan

Company X’s Oregon facilities have come under fire lately due to inefficiencies in several operational areas. Recommendations have been made addressing the problems in each area and the time has come to define an action plan that will implement these recommendations. For the moment, it can be assumed that the three Oregon facilities are in […]

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Facility Assessment

Company X operates three Oregon-based facilities. These facilities specialize in different aspects of the printer and copier business. Unfortunately, these facilities are not optimized to work together and are suffering from several problems thanks to this lack of optimization. The P facility produces printers for PCs. It is housed in the same physical location as […]

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Charleston Facility Follow-up

In a previous analysis, it was determined that the primary problem affecting Company X’s Charleston copier rehabilitation facility is the sporadic delivery of large quantities of copiers from Company X’s network of distributors. This problem compounds problems further down the supply chain resulting in increased costs and lower employee morale throughout the Charleston facility. The […]

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