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Problems in the Supply Chain

Company X operates a copier facility just outside of Charleston, SC. This facility has been plagued by a host of problems since it was acquired two years ago. The problems exist at multiple levels within the supply chain, and each should be addressed in order to return the facility to optimal operation. Since problems in […]

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Facility Issues

Introduction Company X’s Denver facility has suffered through on-going customer service issues. The facility was built in the 1930s and has grown incrementally since then. As a result this facility has grown quite large and has not be restructured to fit Company X’s changing nature. With over 250 trucks transiting through the facility per week, […]

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Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Two years ago, Company X purchased an electronics company and moved into the printer, copier, and electronic imaging industry. This acquisition put Company X into direct competition with other members of the Personal Computer industry including Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Although these firms offer a wide array of products, they compete directly with Company X in […]

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