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Profits and Workforce Reduction

A property management company operating 30 residential properties in 10 states has been suffering thanks to the recent slump in the housing market. In an effort to improve profits, the company quickly put together a reorganization plan that resulted in a 20% reduction in work force. Unfortunately, not all of the eliminated employees were in […]

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Changing Corporate Culture

TO: Anonymous FROM: Scott Hebert SUBJECT: Changing Corporate Culture In our recent conversation, you described several problems that you have recognized in your organization. In order to create a plan for change, it is necessary to first properly identify the problems. The problems you have described can be divided into two main categories: production and […]

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Conducting an Employee Survey

Purpose A common way for organizations to measure the morale of employees is through an attitude survey. Attitude surveys are designed to collect data that management can use for organization diagnosis and planning. Surveys are especially useful in illustrating what problems an organization has. If upper management is not convinced by the original diagnosis produced […]

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A Plan for Change

Company X is a company in transition. In the past few months, Company X has experienced several unplanned changes, the results of which have raised red flags with the Human Resource department. In order to recover, it is the responsibility of the Human Resource Manager to develop an action plan that will improve employee morale […]

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Three Diagnostic Models

As Stewart Clegg, Martin Kornberger, and Tyrone Pitsis (2008) so perfectly describe it, “like bad habits, organizations are difficult to change” (p. 374). The effort required to change the processes and behaviors of large groups of people can be an overwhelming task. This applies to the Tech Division of Company X, as well. Although it […]

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