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Budgeting Project Tasks

When estimating the costs for a project, it is preferred that the people responsible for individual tasks be responsible for estimating their costs. This has the benefit of producing a more accurate cost estimate and garnering commitment from the responsible parties. Unfortunately, there are times when a project’s budget is determined without input from the […]

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The arduous task of scheduling is the responsibility of the project manager. Scheduling involves estimating how long each project activity will take and utilizing those estimates to determine how much time the project will take. If a time requirement is written into the project requirements, the project manager will learn from the schedule how much […]

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Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the project management process consists of many processes organized into nine knowledge areas and five process groups. These process groups are utilized in all projects and are always performed in the same order. The Initiating and Closing process groups are the first and last groups executed and […]

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Trade Show Project and the PMBOK

Forty-four processes are defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). These processes are divided into nine categories known as knowledge areas. It is not necessary for each of these nine knowledge areas to exist in every project, but it is important for project managers to recognize the knowledge areas that are most relevant […]

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Project Management Tools

Microsoft Project has become the standard for project management software. This application has been around for many years, but has only recently split into a desktop and server version. Additionally, Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server was added to the suite of tools with the most recent release. The new portfolio software gives Microsoft Project the […]

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