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Web Servers and HTML

Internet web servers and HTML are closely related. Although web servers are not responsible for producing or rendering HTML, they do have the task of sending the HTML from the web site’s location to the client browser. Web servers must fulfill requests from web browsers quickly, as requests from clients are often made simultaneously. Without […]

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What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a computer language created to instruct applications (web browsers) how to display text and images (Shannon, 2007). The language is called a “markup language” because it uses special tags to change, or mark-up, plain text. Tags surround the effected text and let the web browser know how the text should […]

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Google Searches and Plagiarism

Why someone thought the topic of searching on Google and plagiarism are relevant is beyond me. Nevertheless, enjoy. The first entry listed in Google when searching for “double-entry accounting” is a Wikipedia page. Listed above the Wikipedia entry is a sponsored link. Sponsored links are advertising. A company, in this case Intuit, has paid Google […]

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Advanced Microsoft Word Capabilities

Although all word processing applications have similar capabilities in terms of editing and formatting, Microsoft Word has several advanced capabilities. These capabilities provide special tools to assist the writer. These tools are the thesaurus, research, spell check, and grammar check. Together, they help the writer perform a significant part of the revision process. The Microsoft […]

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My Directory Structure

Designing a directory structure is much like designing any other kind of organizational system. A user could decide to use a single, flat directory space to store all files. Although having thousands of files in a single directory can lead to performance problems, this is not usually a concern for the common desktop user. When […]

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