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Microblogging: Quantity or Quality?

Microblogging is the term used to describe the short updates you see on Twitter or your Facebook home page. Everybody and their dog is involved in the microblogging scene now, and it seems like some have the idea that there is some sort of race to post as much as possible. I’m glad that so […]

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My Essential Twitter Tools

Over a year ago, I started using Twitter. In that time, I’ve developed a list of tools that make the experience easier and more enjoyable. TweetDeck – I tried several desktop Twitter apps before finally settling on TweetDeck. Some folks seem put out that TweetDeck runs via Adobe AIR, but that seems to make cross-platform […]

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Dear Seth, Please Misuse Twitter More

Today I stopped following Seth Godin on Twitter! I think Seth Godin is a really smart and funny guy. In fact, I think most people can learn something from him. His ideas on most business related topics are spot on. That being said, what Mr. Godin is doing with Twitter just drives me up the […]

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Check out my new fancy twhirl

The twhirl folks released version 0.8.2 of their stand-alone Twitter client this afternoon. The new version includes lots of bells and whistles, especially in the area of FriendFeed. I don’t use FriendFeed much (yet), so I’m not as interested in these features. One feature that’s really interesting to me is the new network health information […]

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Yoono Beta Begins

That sure didn’t take long. I signed up for the private Yoono beta a couple of days ago and got my invitation this morning.

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