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Types of Business Communication

When communicating in a business setting, there are many forms of writing available. The most common forms of writing are memorandums, letters, and electronic mail. Each form has its appropriate uses. Care should be taken when choosing a format for any business communication. A memorandum is best used for internal business communications. It is often […]

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Google Searches and Plagiarism

Why someone thought the topic of searching on Google and plagiarism are relevant is beyond me. Nevertheless, enjoy. The first entry listed in Google when searching for “double-entry accounting” is a Wikipedia page. Listed above the Wikipedia entry is a sponsored link. Sponsored links are advertising. A company, in this case Intuit, has paid Google […]

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On Plagiarism

This was written for a scenario where a senior engineer has been submitting the work of a junior engineer as his own. This is definitely a case of plagiarism. Judith VanAlstyne (2005) points out that the word plagiarism derives its meaning from the Latin word plagiarus meaning “kidnapper” (p. 172). Plagiarism is considered a serious […]

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Branded Content Seeks a Second Act. (2007, May). Brandweek, 48(22), 4. Retrieved July 25, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1289281181). In an attempt to circumvent revenue loss caused by DVRs, advertisers have tried increasing product placement and branded entertainment. This article describes how these attempts have been mostly unsuccessful and are now being […]

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Technical Writing Skills

There are three skills that are vital to any kind of technical writing: research, organization, and revision. Research is the ability to find information relevant to the topic. Research can take many forms ranging from print materials at a library to electronic sources found via Internet searches. An often overlooked area of research is self-conducted […]

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